Citadel Oral & Facial Surgery

After Soft Tissue Fillers

Generally, injection of such materials may cause mild and temporary side effects including redness, swelling, darkening of the treatment site, bruising, and slight itching or pain. Most of these resolve within 3-4 days, swelling usually a little quicker and bruising a little longer if it occurs. You may use makeup if desired.

Following injections…

Call the office if any of the following develop
  • Severe pain, swelling, or redness
  • Changes in the overlying skin other than mild redness, mild itching, or bruising

If instructed to return for follow-up in 1 to 2 weeks please return as scheduled to evaluate the result and "touch-ups" can be done at this time if necessary.

Remember that having injectable products such hylans (e.g. Teosyal) placed in your face for aesthetic enhancement is both an art and a science, and therefore "ideal" results cannot be guaranteed. A mild degree of asymmetry in facial structures is entirely normal and is a natural appearance. Try not to "overanalyze" your facial features, as small asymmetries and imperfections can always be found if you look hard enough.

Also remember that this injected material is temporary and the results are not permanent. The material lasts for less time in very mobile areas such as the lips, and longer in non-moving areas such as cheeks. Results generally last at least 6 months, sometimes up to about 1 year. The same is true if you are not fully satisfied with the result of the treatment you have received. Please discuss any questions or concerns with Dr. Powell or his staff.